Welding gave Katja a new life


For Katja Vironen, welding is not just a job – it has a much deeper meaning. She believes it has changed her life and given her the confidence to realise her dreams. In fact, welding also features in one of her biggest dreams. (more…)


Virtual crime investigation

Once again, the Finnish broadcasting company YLE reported an extensive virtual theft. This time, a group of teenage boys had managed to steal the user IDs from customers of the virtual Habbo Hotel by utilising spoof sites.
Using the ID codes they had snatched, the light-fingered youngsters had stolen virtual furniture and other virtual property from the rooms of other hotel guests. Yes, you read quite correctly: they had stolen imaginary furniture from the imaginary guest rooms of an imaginary hotel. All kinds of virtual junk was taken: chests of drawers, settees, and armchairs – as much as the thieves could virtually carry away. (more…)


A Day in the life

Mike Summers, Kemppi UK Ltd Technical Sales Engineer

6.30am on a midsummer’s morning in Bristol, South West England. The Sun’s up, birds are singing and breakfast’s on the table. As the city rub its eye’s open for the day ahead, Mike Summers, Kemppi Technical sales engineer, kicks his day into gear with a family breakfast. Sitting in his kitchen with a mug of hot tea in my hands, I know it’s going to be fine day! (more…)


The Dog in the Nick

Dog in the nick
When you look at a map of Finland, you’ll notice that the country is tall and narrow in shape. If you head off to meet a customer way up north by car, it is wise to get yourself in the same car as an old pro. On the long, boring drive you can hear many educational stories, such as the tale of a welding consultant and his dog, told by a salesman who had worked a few decades for Kemppi.

‘Years ago there was a welding consultant employed by Kemppi who had a rare and unusual habit of always getting into trouble wherever he went,’ the driver’s story began. (more…)