Organ music meets Harley

Combining motorcycle and pipe organ needs a dash of genuine Finnish craziness and of course some joy of welding. Motorgan is upcoming musical composition for organ and motorcycle combining video artwork, dance and music. This time music includes sound of Harley-Davidson motorcycle amplified with six organ pipes.

For a bike like that, you need help from true professional. Mika Nieminen is renowned custom bike builder whose creations have won multiple awards and the respect of Scandinavian chopper community. His shop, called “Mr Moore Motorcycles” attracts bikers from all around the country.

Nieminen, former paper mill industry welder, has been building and fixing motorbikes in Lempäälä, near Tampere for over ten years. Passion for bikes steered his career towards a new path. Fortunately for Nieminen, Finns are enthusiastic biker people.

“Most of the bikes I build are made-to-order. Some customers have very detailed plans or model pictures, but sometimes bike made with those plans wouldn’t be drivable. It’s my job to plan reasonable bike together with customer”, says Nieminen. In his garage Nieminen trusts in Kemppi machinery. He has one Kemppi MIG welder and couple of TIG’s too. “Orange color is all around in our shop”, he says.

Six organ pipes attached to custom bike sounds like a challenging order. “They even sent me some organ pipes for reference”, Nieminen laughs. He thinks organ pipes and Harleys exhaust pipes have lot of common: “It’s important to achieve really big sound”.

Motorgan concert will be held in August 2013, so building hasn’t yet begun. Even though bike will be an instrument, it also will be drivable motorbike, builder promises.

Kemppi Connections will keep you briefed about the building process. World premiere of Motorgan will be at Sibelius Hall, Lahti in August. After the premiere Motorgan will go on tour in Europe.


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