The Dog in the Nick

Dog in the nick
When you look at a map of Finland, you’ll notice that the country is tall and narrow in shape. If you head off to meet a customer way up north by car, it is wise to get yourself in the same car as an old pro. On the long, boring drive you can hear many educational stories, such as the tale of a welding consultant and his dog, told by a salesman who had worked a few decades for Kemppi.

‘Years ago there was a welding consultant employed by Kemppi who had a rare and unusual habit of always getting into trouble wherever he went,’ the driver’s story began. (more…)


Lost in Essen


The original ”Schweissen und Schneiden” trade fair is organised in the German town of Essen every fourth year. It is the welding sector’s premiere global event. Equipment manufacturers eagerly show off their latest products and curious visitors scurry between stands. Everyone is excited and the expectation is that something wonderful will be discovered there. (more…)


Snores in a bridal suite


It was several years ago that two men working for Kemppi in Finland were invited to visit the distant island of Taiwan near mainland China. As it happens, both men had the same first name: Hannu. One of them was Hannu Jokela, the marketing director at Kemppi, and the other was Hannu Saarivirta, welding consultant. The purpose of the trip was to provide Kemppi customers with welding equipment training.

Thus, the gentlemen headed for Taiwan, but it was beyond their imagination what they were to experience as regards the differences between European and Asian culture. (more…)