Fire on Ice – Pelicans Ice Hockey Team

The Finnish Ice Hockey League season is almost halfway through and first half has been thrilling. Last season’s surprise finalists Lahti Pelicans have had rollercoaster season. Overtime wins, hat-tricks, big losses and much feared injuries – fans have seen it all this season. There have been some roster changes very recently and we’re pretty sure we haven’t seen the best of Pelicans yet!

Kemppi has been supporting the Pelicans since 2005. In this season we’ve had some Kemppi people on ice. Jukka Mandelin and Jarmo Halmekoski took part in DNA Business Challenge, a tongue-in-cheek competition for sponsors of Pelicans. Mission was to get three pucks behind cardboard goalie.

Open the video clips dated 18.10. and 22.9. on this site and see how Jukka and Jarmo did! (Commentary only in Finnish).



Performance from Finland – whatever helmet you wear!

The Lahti-based ice-hockey team Pelicans has been very succesfull this season. The team is fighting for the lead position in the Finnish top-level ice-hockey league. Pelicans has made more goals than any other team in the league.

The Pelicans goal keeper Niko Hovinen is a tall guy at 196 cm. Wearing a Kemppi-branded helmet, he has succeeded to keep his goal pretty clean during the season.


Ice hockey action with the Pelicans

2010-05-10, Lahti, FINLANDSM-LIIGA 2010-2011Pelicans vs TpsPELICANSby Europhoto / JUKKA RAUTIO

Ice hockey is said to be the world’s fastest-paced team game. During a single game the spectators experience a roller coaster ride of emotions. (more…)