Kemppi is going to get some movie glamour next fall when movie “Werther” will premiere in Finland. In the movie, the main character is metal sculpture who uses Kempact RA 181A when making his art.

– “Werther” is a story about a man who finds out he has a son, but only after the son has died in an accident. The man sets out to find out what kind of person his son was. It’s like a melancholic detective story, says the film director Jarmo Lampela.

“Werther” is Lampela’s fifth feature film. Previously Lampela has depicted human fates in movies like “Sairaan kaunis maailma”, “Joki”, “Eila” and “Conversations between men”. “Werther” is starred with preeminent Finnish actors such as Juha Kukkonen in the leading role, Iina Kuustonen in her first major film role and young Jyri Ojansivu as the son.

Kukkonen’s character is an artistic welder who has a shop at Suomenlinna sea fortress. Lampela decided to make the character metal sculptor, because on an island artists usually make their art from scrap and recycled material.

– Welding is also lot more cinematographic than traditional sculpting or drawing, he says.

Actors had to learn some welding, naturally. Movie crew contacted Kemppi after they had some difficulties with other welding equipment.

– When our scenographer got his hands on Kempact RA, we were getting somewhere. With easy-to-use Kemppi machine even the actors learned it quickly, Lampela describes.

The movie “Werther” is now in postproduction and will hit Finnish theatres around September.


The position of welding and welders in cinematography and other arts was also discussed in the joystory “Master of the Grooves“, published in Kemppi’s customer magazine ProNews #2/2008.