Kemppi donates for saving rainforests

If a rainforest damage could be mended with cellulose electrodes and root welding, Kemppi would probably be the first one in the world to make such an innovation.

However, repairing rainforest damages is not an easy task as that. It requires long-term projects and cooperation of many parties.

To support this important work, we have made our donation this year to the ‘Heart of Borneo Forests’ field project for protecting the Muller-Schwaner rainforests in the mountains of Indonesia.


Ground source heat – an investment in the future

Ground source heat is solar heat energy stored in the ground , water and bedrock. Its exploitation is the most eco-friendly of existing heating alternatives. Gebwell Ltd, specialises in ground source heat solutions and has also uncovered the possibility of harnessing its antithesis; ground source cooling. (more…)


Kemppi employees help raise money to aid young African women

Some young African women can end up as victims of abuse and ritual. Kemppi wanted to do something to help those girls, and after contacting Anna-Maija Ahokas of Amaho Consulting, the company decided to take part in the ‘NicePlace’ project organized by World Vision to build sheltered houses for young women. (more…)


Kemppi made a donation to the lake Vesijärvi recovery project

Funds were collected at the traditional Kemppi staff summer party in Lahti, Finland, to support the recovery of the largest lake in the area, lake Vesijärvi. The fun and games followed the traditional course of action: large numbers of sausages were grilled and consumed, and, in between, managers were thrown into cold water. (more…)