Kemppi donates for saving rainforests

If a rainforest damage could be mended with cellulose electrodes and root welding, Kemppi would probably be the first one in the world to make such an innovation.

However, repairing rainforest damages is not an easy task as that. It requires long-term projects and cooperation of many parties.

To support this important work, we have made our donation this year to the ‘Heart of Borneo Forests’ field project for protecting the Muller-Schwaner rainforests in the mountains of Indonesia.


Congrats Valtteri!

bottas_2Yet another Finn enters the Formula 1 series next season, and it’s our very own Valtteri Bottas! Valtteri’s skills with the car and his charming persona earned him a promotion from reserve driver to race seat alongside Pastor Maldonado in Team Williams.

Bottas has a long-term relationship with Kemppi. Co-operation begun during his years in kart racing. Valtteri stated earlier this fall: ‘I would not have got this far in my career without Kemppi. I’m grateful for the trust, support, and encouragement I have received. I hope our co-operation continues for a long time.’

All we can say – so do we!

Valtteri hasn’t been shy about his passion to race. “I need to get racing and F1 is the place I want to be,” Bottas said when asked by AUTOSPORT about whether he felt it essential he raced next year.

Very few Formula 1 drivers can win races, let alone win the championship title in their first season. But Valtteri definitely has the passion, determination and motivation to aim relentlessly to that goal.

In Kemppi’s ProNews customer magazine Valtteri says: “I’m aiming to win championship within the next five years”. And we’ll be watching and cheering! Read the whole article ‘Ready to be a Formula 1 Driver’ here.

Formula One World Championship



Good aim, good will


Throwing a welding machine is usually sign of serious frustration, but at Kemppi Personnel Summer Party the Minarc welder flew out of pure good will. In Angry Birds inspired throwing contest the goal was to knock down a tower of cardboard boxes with Minarc welder.

This time winner was company’s chairman Jouko Kemppi who donated the grand prize, Minarc Evo 150, to charity. Traditionally Summer Party holds charity raffle and company agrees to double the profit. This time the raffle money was added with the price of Minarc Evo and total sum reached 3 850 Euros. All of the money was donated to children’s neurological unit in Central Hospital of Päijät-Häme and to children’s safe house project in Kenya through World Vision Finland.


 Safe house for young girls in Sook, Kenya


The safe house project in Sook, western Kenya is helping young girls to attend school. When living in safe house near school they don’t have to take long and sometimes dangerous journey back home every day. With Kemppi’s donation World Vision Finland was able to acquire mattresses and other furniture for the safe house.


Fire on Ice – Pelicans Ice Hockey Team

The Finnish Ice Hockey League season is almost halfway through and first half has been thrilling. Last season’s surprise finalists Lahti Pelicans have had rollercoaster season. Overtime wins, hat-tricks, big losses and much feared injuries – fans have seen it all this season. There have been some roster changes very recently and we’re pretty sure we haven’t seen the best of Pelicans yet!

Kemppi has been supporting the Pelicans since 2005. In this season we’ve had some Kemppi people on ice. Jukka Mandelin and Jarmo Halmekoski took part in DNA Business Challenge, a tongue-in-cheek competition for sponsors of Pelicans. Mission was to get three pucks behind cardboard goalie.

Open the video clips dated 18.10. and 22.9. on this site and see how Jukka and Jarmo did! (Commentary only in Finnish).