Organ music meets Harley

Combining motorcycle and pipe organ needs a dash of genuine Finnish craziness and of course some joy of welding. Motorgan is upcoming musical composition for organ and motorcycle combining video artwork, dance and music. This time music includes sound of Harley-Davidson motorcycle amplified with six organ pipes.

For a bike like that, you need help from true professional. Mika Nieminen is renowned custom bike builder whose creations have won multiple awards and the respect of Scandinavian chopper community. His shop, called “Mr Moore Motorcycles” attracts bikers from all around the country.

Nieminen, former paper mill industry welder, has been building and fixing motorbikes in Lempäälä, near Tampere for over ten years. Passion for bikes steered his career towards a new path. Fortunately for Nieminen, Finns are enthusiastic biker people.

“Most of the bikes I build are made-to-order. Some customers have very detailed plans or model pictures, but sometimes bike made with those plans wouldn’t be drivable. It’s my job to plan reasonable bike together with customer”, says Nieminen. In his garage Nieminen trusts in Kemppi machinery. He has one Kemppi MIG welder and couple of TIG’s too. “Orange color is all around in our shop”, he says.

Six organ pipes attached to custom bike sounds like a challenging order. “They even sent me some organ pipes for reference”, Nieminen laughs. He thinks organ pipes and Harleys exhaust pipes have lot of common: “It’s important to achieve really big sound”.

Motorgan concert will be held in August 2013, so building hasn’t yet begun. Even though bike will be an instrument, it also will be drivable motorbike, builder promises.

Kemppi Connections will keep you briefed about the building process. World premiere of Motorgan will be at Sibelius Hall, Lahti in August. After the premiere Motorgan will go on tour in Europe.


Bottas waits eagerly for start of the season

Finnish Formula One driver Valtteri Bottas sleeps easy ahead of his big debut while huge expectations have been placed upon him.

“I’m sleeping well, like a baby,” the 23-year-old Team Williams race driver told reporters just days before the start of Australian Grand Prix.

Bottas might be a rookie when it comes to Formula One GP’s, but he has solid experience about the car he’ll be driving. As a former Team Williams test driver he’s been practically living in Grove factory and test track. His own expectations for the season are very levelheaded:

“In F1 I’ve learned that it’s so important to finish the race and take the flag because if you want to score the points you need to finish the race. This will be the main thing, to always try to finish the race”, he told to ESPN.

Check here the video for Valtteri’s thoughts before the season and what he thinks about co-operation with Kemppi:


True Passion for Welding

katja_tattoo1 Katja Vironen, 35, found her true calling when she for the first time grabbed a welding torch. After twelve years wearing welder’s overalls hasn’t changed her opinion:

“Nothing else interests me as much as welding. I want to be a welder as long as I’m able to.”

Katja Vironen has a basic welding education, along with MIG, MMA and TIG welding courses. She has also studied to be a high pressure welder.

“The industry provides endless opportunities to develop yourself,” she says.

Learning and experiencing new things is driving force for Vironen. Last year she earned a diving degree for she dreams to be a professional underwater welder one day. So far, further diving education has to wait. Katja’s nine-year-old son Sameli is not willing to relocate to another place for the mother’s education.

Rimera_MI-0208“I watch videos from the Internet, for example, showing the huge oil pipeline welding in Texas or the oil rig job. It would be nice to try them myself. Maybe I’ll go when Sameli is older,” he muses.

Kemppi ProNews published Katja Vironen’s story in 2011. One of the things that grabbed attention of the readers was Kemppi tattoo in her forearm.

“Kemppi machines are everywhere, and it’s easy to be a fan. They are reliable and have original look”, she explains.

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Time capsule treasures letters from Norwegian students

On December the 14th 2012, Magne Furuholmen from the world-famous Norwegian pop group “A-ha” used Kemppi’s MinarcMig machine to weld the top lid on the Time capsule sculpture he has made for the project “Til Ungdommen” (For the Youth).

In this project, a lot of young people together with Magne Furuholmen have created a time capsule to store letters from students all over Norway sharing their thoughts about the horrifying terrorist attacks that shook Norway and the whole world on July the 22nd 2011, and to wish for the better future. The time capsule is to be kept in the Norwegian National Archives until 2031.

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Photo: Stig B. Hansen, Aftenposten

Magne Furuholmen from the pop group “A-ha” welding the top lid on his time capsule sculpture.