Weld a wine rack out of a wire reel


When the wire reel on a MIG welding machine runs out, there is nothing left but an empty skeleton. This is usually nothing more than garbage, but its symmetrical form sparks the imagination, compelling the user to find some other use for it. Aker Yards Helsinki shipyard did not send one empty wire reel for metal recycling, but instead welded it into something every home has a use for: a wine rack. Anyone can weld together such a wine rack using, for example, an empty Kempact wire reel. (more…)


Kemppi made a donation to the lake Vesijärvi recovery project

Funds were collected at the traditional Kemppi staff summer party in Lahti, Finland, to support the recovery of the largest lake in the area, lake Vesijärvi. The fun and games followed the traditional course of action: large numbers of sausages were grilled and consumed, and, in between, managers were thrown into cold water. (more…)


Sami Seliö accelerates into the Formula 1 boat championship with Kemppi logos on his sides

Sami Seliö is quick on the water. His boat certainly doesn’t resemble a calmly floating boat in which the boater relaxes with his straw hat hanging down over his eyes and with a fishing rod in his hand.

Anything but. He is currently the world’s fastest racing boat driver. For a decade now, he has been a competitor in the Formula 1 Boat Racing series, and, in 2007, he finally won the world championship. (more…)


Snores in a bridal suite


It was several years ago that two men working for Kemppi in Finland were invited to visit the distant island of Taiwan near mainland China. As it happens, both men had the same first name: Hannu. One of them was Hannu Jokela, the marketing director at Kemppi, and the other was Hannu Saarivirta, welding consultant. The purpose of the trip was to provide Kemppi customers with welding equipment training.

Thus, the gentlemen headed for Taiwan, but it was beyond their imagination what they were to experience as regards the differences between European and Asian culture. (more…)