A trombone as a motorcycle exhaust pipe

Unique things are going on in Jyrki Hannila‚Äôs garage in Lapua. For example, hardly anyone in the world rides a motorcycle whose exhaust pipe is a Chinese slide trombone. (more…)


Do-it-yourself: How to weld a Harley-Davidson


See here how this beauty was welded with Kemppi MinarcMig.


Weld a wine rack out of a wire reel


When the wire reel on a MIG welding machine runs out, there is nothing left but an empty skeleton. This is usually nothing more than garbage, but its symmetrical form sparks the imagination, compelling the user to find some other use for it. Aker Yards Helsinki shipyard did not send one empty wire reel for metal recycling, but instead welded it into something every home has a use for: a wine rack. Anyone can weld together such a wine rack using, for example, an empty Kempact wire reel. (more…)