Thank you team Kemppi!


The month of Movember is now behind us. On Wednesday last week you could see a bunch of men get together in Kemppi canteen, all in good humour and very determined in their mission. Looking cheerful with some whipped cream in their moustache, the men were celebrating the last week of Movember having coffee and cake.

These men had a good reason to congratulate themselves. The whole bunch of them had survived the strict demands of Movember, obeying the campaign rules from the first day to the last, and with their moustached faces spreading around the message to raise funds for a good cause: to improve men’s health around the world.

A substantial sum of money was raised in Kemppi team during the campaign, and Kemppi’s MM group (Men with Moustache) want to thank all those who made a donation for the good purpose.


In the same occasion, the first ever ‘Mr Movember Kemppi’ award was handed to Jukka Perttunen, who was the motivator and inspirer during the whole campaign. Also special price was raffled among the competitors and Lassi Saarinen received Polar sport watch with integrated heart rate monitor. Congratulations Jukka and Lassi!

‘It was our intention to bring some good will with a cheerful and positive attitude to otherwise so dark and gloomy November’, says Mr Movember Kemppi 2014, Jukka Perttunen.


An edge from flexibility

_R6T2831 (2)

Silverstone, Northamptonshire, England. Sunday 6 July 2014. Valterri Bottas, Williams F1, 2nd Position, on the podium with his trophy. Photo: Alastair Staley/Williams F1.

The second place scored by Valtteri Bottas in last Sunday’s Grand Prix was made possible in part by the Williams team’s ability to monitor tyre wear during the race and adapt accordingly.  In the press conference after the race,  Bottas said: `We actually switched the strategy during the running as we saw the tyre wear was so low.  Positive surprise.’


Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Austria. Sunday 22 June 2014. Valterri Bottas, Williams FW36 Mercedes, makes a stop. World Copyright: Alastair Staley/LAT Photographic

This flexible response is paralleled in the monitoring and analysis systems that Kemppi offers.  These are part of Kemppi’s focus on bringing together sensors and IT to keep welding work `on track’.

An excellent example is Kemppi ARC System.  The foundation is provided by automated collection of data on material use, system parameters, the technique of the `driver’, and more.  The information can be presented and analysed for `track-side engineers’ using a Web-based interface.  When uncovered, surprises — whether positive or negative — can be controlled.

Another important feature of Kemppi ARC System is that it keeps track of the equipment’s service history, thereby reducing time `in the pits’.   Unnecessary planned or unplanned downtime can add up in large operations.

And even for a single operator, such as Bottas, that can make a big difference.  Making only a single pit stop while other front runners had to come in a second time for fresh tyres helped him finish on the podium.

There’s no time to waste standing still.  The same is ever more true of  today’s competitive world of industry.  For that demanding environment, the path is clear.  As Bottas puts it: `Every race I aim to be a better driver and as a team we aim to be a stronger team every single race — and thats what we’ve been  doing.’

— Anna Shefl



Kemppi and number 77

On Sunday, F1’s driver 77 reached number 2 as Valtteri Bottas climbed the steps of the podium to take second place in the British Grand Prix. So now seems a good time to take a closer look at number 77.



Silverstone, Northamptonshire, England. Sunday 6 July 2014. Valterri Bottas, Williams FW36 Mercedes. Photo: Charles Coates/Williams F1

With this year’s introduction of permanent driver numbers to Formula 1, Bottas choose number 77. But Kemppi knew him long before he became `BO77AS’ or entered F1, `the pinnacle of motorsport’. In fact, the company began sponsoring him in his days in kart racing, which began when Bottas was just six years old.

However, the significance of 77 for Kemppi goes back further still. The company’s revolutionary inverter technology first hit the market in 1977, with the Hilarc. That technology has blossomed and matured since then, helping to make the world of welding what it is today.

This has enabled a journey similar to what Bottas described shortly after the race: `I was able to go through the field quite well.’

The match between the two – Bottas and Kemppi – involves a focus on the human element, seen also in the company’s attention to productivity-improvement solutions and training products that support good welding habits from early on. The best result is achieved when the equipment and the user work well together, when, as Bottas says, `it was really a pleasure to drive it’. This applies whether we’re talking about a driver feeling `at one with the car’ or about advanced welding ergonomics such as no-fuss parameter adjustments and easy-to-read output.

Finnish expertise has made a clear mark on both the welding world and the racing circuit. With this in mind, Bottas hopes to add `BO77AS’ to the list of World Driver’s Champions alongside names such as Mika Häkkinen and Keke Rosberg before the decade is out.

For now, his climb to the top is focused on scoring his first F1 win, reaching the top of the podium. Bottas says: `Like I said on the team radio, one step more to go.’

Author: Anna Shefl



Congratulations Valtteri for the first F1 podium

f1_bottas_podiumValtteri Bottas got his first Formula One podium at the Red Bull ring in Austria with Felipe Massa finishing fourth after a tough race. Both Mercedes were able to get ahead of the Williams during the pitstops but the team did a great job with Valtteri recording the quickest stop of the race.

Valtteri Bottas: It’s difficult to explain how I feel right now. That was the best champagne I’ve ever tasted. All the hard work that the team puts in shows in moments like this. I had one pitstop that really put in me in the fight and that changed my race, so well done to the boys for that. I had put in a good lap before that and so I got in front on Felipe and from there I could manage my pace with the cars in front. Having both cars score good points is what we wanted and so third and fourth for the team is a great result. There are still two places to go up the podium, but for now we will enjoy this moment.

The story of Valtteri Bottas and Kemppi began back in 2007 when Valtteri’s father contacted Kemppi in view of a sponsorship. The young Valtteri, only seventeen at the time, had already won numerous Finnish karting championships. But success even in karting requires funding, and father and son had spent many a night pondering how to make ends meet.

Luckily the young Valtteri impressed Kemppi CEO Anssi Rantasalo and Hannu Jokela, who was marketing director at the time. Together they joined the team supporting the young lad, with an ambitious plan to see him ascend to Formula 1 in just a few years time. Now, as Valtteri is fighting seriously for the victory in every race, the vision has become a reality.

“We are extremely proud of Valtteri. Like our company he has risen from humble beginnings to the very top of his profession,” says Anssi Rantasalo.