When you think about welding, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind? For some, it could be a welder’s helmet, or perhaps an electric arc. If you thought of Kemppi, you just made over 600 people under the employment of Kemppi Group smile for doing a great job!

Many associate welding with industrial endeavors, factory environments or personal projects in the cozy corner of one’s garage. However, this is only a part of the scope of how welding translates to different kinds of areas. In addition to functional purposes, welding is a common mean of creating art for sculptors and artists all over the world – as we saw in the case of ‘Symbiosis’ by Stefan Lindfors.

Tomasz Domański, a Polish artist with a long and versatile career, utilized Kemppi Minarc 150 in the creation of a magnificent steel sculpture ‘Square Babel’. The whopping 8-meter tall sculpture is situated in Skulpturenpark in Katzow, Germany, where it is possible to browse approximately 50 works from various international artists. Having done challenging work in the heights, Domański commends the efficiency of a Kemppi welding machine and continues to work with Kemppi machines in his future projects. A similar project is already underway near Wroclaw, Poland, which will be the European Capital of Culture in 2016.


All the best for the future, Tomasz!

Pictures: Tomasz Domański