On a shared journey

If birds and fish could have their say, they would tell us that taking care of our oceans and environment is a matter for each and every one of us. We’re in this together. At Kemppi, we contribute not only by minimizing the environmental impact of our products but also by participating in broader initiatives – this year on behalf of the Baltic Sea region.

Located in Finland’s old capital Turku, ‘Symbiosis’ is a sculpture that symbolises the unity of the world’s oceans and waters, birds and fish, the delicate living wholeness that we need to cherish. The sculpture itself offers a platform for benefaction through the metal plates that anyone can buy to be welded on the Symbiosis. The profit will  go for the protection of Finnish Archipelago Sea.


Finnish sculptor Stefan Lindfors is a keen welder himself, and knows what he is talking about what he comments about Kemppi’s MinarcMig Evo 200: “This is a small and handy powerhouse that seems to be capable of anything”. Professional welder Kari Helsberg is assisting Stefan Lindfors in the Symbiosis project.


As a gesture of Christmas spirit, Kemppi has bought their own plate of good will, which has been attached on this work of art adorning the point where the Aura River meets the Finnish Archipelago Sea in the city of Turku. The artist Stefan Lindfors on the right.